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Development History

October 1992, Wenzhou Liang Valve Co., Ltd. was established.
July 1996, the new dark rod valve through the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Commission identified the valve in the structure and sealing to fill the gap.
2000 March 2000, the introduction of the first imported desktop spectrometer.
2002 August 2002, large diameter butterfly valve Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award.
2005 In April 2005, the headquarters of LiangGong Valve Co., Ltd. was set up at No. 216 Airport Boulevard, Wenzhou City. The registered capital was changed to RMB50 million.
2006 March 2006, Goodwork Valve Co., Ltd. Longquan Foundry was established.
2007 In August 2007, Liangshui Valve Co., Ltd. and Lishui cloud production base was established.
2008 In October 2008, Goodwork Valve Co., Ltd. products for the first time out of the country - exports to Russia.
2009 In May 2009, the pinless check valve won the Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award and successfully applied for a patent.
2010 July 2010, self-developed DN1200 hard seal large-diameter gate valve test success.
2011 In November 2011, was awarded Zhejiang Shou contract re-credit enterprises.
2012 In June 2012, Liangcheng Valve Co., Ltd. Enterprise Technology Center was established.
2013 In June 2013, LiangGong Valve Co., Ltd. officially changed to LiangGong Valve Group Co., Ltd., and the registered capital of the company was changed to 118 million yuan.
2014 In August 2014, LiangGong Valve Group safety valve factory was established and passed the safety valve TS product certification.
2015 In December 2015, LiangGong Valve Group Co., Ltd. moved to No.32 Gangqiang Road, Airport New District, and Liangshui Valve Group Co., Ltd. was established at the same time.
2016 In March 2016, the registered capital of LiangGong Valve Group Co., Ltd. was changed to 208 million yuan.