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Agency advantages
Reputation advantage
Retail commercial enterprises that dare to use their own brands often have a good reputation and corporate image. Enterprises in the long-term management practices, with one or several operating characteristics to form their own good reputation and establish a certain brand image, so that the establishment of commercial enterprises owned brands from the very beginning with many of the features of the brand, Easily accepted and approved by customers. Nowadays, the supply of goods is more and more abundant, while the consumers have less professional knowledge of certain goods. The purchase of brand names often becomes the usual purchase behavior of consumers, especially when the fake and shoddy products are flooding, good corporate image and brand reputation Almost became a consumer "refuge." Consumers always like to "rest assured that the business", "trustworthy" is proof.

price advantage
Quality and cheap is a major advantage of own-brand products. First, large-scale retail commercial enterprises organize their own products to produce their own brands, eliminating the need for many intermediate links in merchandise purchase, saving transaction costs and distribution costs. Second, the use of its own brand of goods do not have to pay advertising costs, retailers have good credit is the best brand of own-brand advertising. Third, private-label goods are sold only in commercial retailers that develop products, eliminating the cost of opening up distribution channels. Fourth, large-scale retail enterprises have a large number of agents, you can mass sales, achieve economies of scale, reduce product sales costs.

Features advantages
The use of a manufacturer's brand of goods, usually all retail businesses can operate, which makes the retail business enterprises in the brand management of the product is shrinking. As a result, the retail enterprises are experiencing similarities and deficiencies in their operations, exacerbating the intensity of competition and even over-competition. The implementation of its own brand marketing strategy, large retail enterprises must first of its brand accurate market positioning, enterprises should be based on their strength, the competitor's market position, the characteristics of the demand of the target market to determine its own brand products in the market Position. Once the brand positioning is clear, the business characteristics of the enterprise will be formed. In addition, the most significant difference between a retailer's own-brand and a manufacturer's brand is that a retailer's own brand can only be used within a company that develops the product and can not be used by other companies. Therefore, using its own brand Embody the operating characteristics, to win the business characteristics.

Leading edge
The core of marketing is to grasp and meet the needs of consumers. Retail commercial enterprises directly face the vast number of consumers, can more accurately grasp the characteristics of the market demand and its changing trends, which can be based on the characteristics of consumer demand to design, develop, produce, organize goods, so that its own brand of goods than the manufacture Branded goods, more quickly reflect the market demand, one step ahead, in the market competition in a pre-emptive position, grasp the initiative in competition.